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The Full Story


Manglares is a vibrant and nurturing learning community dedicated to the academic, social, and emotional growth of our students. Since opening our doors in 2018, we have been committed to promoting academic excellence and fostering independence in children. The school has grown hand-in-hand with the communities of the area. Nestled in a picturesque jungle setting, our school provides a unique environment that inspires curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning. With a holistic approach, we focus on developing 'the whole child' by addressing their academic, cognitive, socioemotional, physical, relational, and identity development. From preschool to Grade 6, we are here to support and guide our students on their educational journey.

Mission & Vision

Manglares is Spanish for “mangroves,” a type of tree that grows along the marshy coastlines of Panama. The convoluted network of roots survive in the hardest saline conditions, protect the coast from erosion and storms, as well as provide a nutrient-rich habitat for many species of animals.

The mangrove is symbolic of our hopes for our students: we hope to foster resilient minds who are able to thrive and contribute to the community at large.



A confident person with a strong sense of right and wrong, knows him/herself, , thinks independently, and communicates effectively.


Self-directed learner

Resilient, takes responsibility for his/her own learning, questions, reflects and perseveres in the pursuit of learning, and who is able to constantly adapt their approach to inspire and ignite their imagination

Imaginative Creator

embraces the uniqueness of thoughts and lets energy sparks real creativity.

Active Contributor

is able to work effectively in teams, exercises initiative, takes calculated risks, is innovative and strives for excellence.


Concerned Citizen

strong civic consciousness, is informed, and takes an active role in bettering the lives of others around him/her.

Authentic Experiences. Inspiring Discoveries.

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Committed to Education

At Manglares Discovery School, we believe in a holistic and child-led approach to education. Our innovative teaching methods inspire and empower learners to become leaders, fostering a love for learning in a purposeful manner. In our natural environment, students learn how to be change-makers, developing both academically and personally. We are a close-knit community committed to mutual respect and shared learning. Explore our website to learn more about the unique academics and supportive community that Manglares Discovery School offers. Contact us today to schedule a tour, inquire about enrollment, or ask any questions you may have.

Community Driven

At Manglares, we believe in providing a nurturing and innovative learning environment for all our students. Our holistic approach focuses on empowering learners to become leaders and change-makers. With a child-led curriculum, we encourage students to thrive and learn in a purposeful manner. The school is integrated into its surroundings, with a waterfall and forest that add to many of the children's inquiries. We get almost daily visits from three species of monkeys and other birds and animals. The campus is created by students for the students - they utilize materials to build troll villages, forts, ziplines,  We embrace culture, which means we frequent exchanges with the community at large.

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