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Community Art Gallery 

This exhibit was an idea that grew from the work. The children have been feeling inspired by a variety of artists this year, combining technique with inspiration. We were excited to witness many students engaging deeply with the artistic process: from conceptualization and drafting, committing to an idea, and the dedication to return to the work over many sessions to refine and grow it to completion. We felt we needed to showcase their efforts.

At Manglares, each grade is offered one session of Art per week. Ms. Sandra Ramirez has designed the art curriculum to incorporate elements of art, technique, and training the eye. Art has also been used as a tool to complement the scope and sequences of the other subjects, to flesh out the inquiries of the classrooms.

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The Entire Town as a Gallery

We asked businesses across Main Street if we might be able to borrow some wall space, and our town turned into a giant art gallery!

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Learning Objectives

As students create, they develop critical thinking skills and refine their observation abilities, learning to "see" the world in new ways. Please find learning objectives below:


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